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About Inventors Educare

Inventors Educare is established in Patna for the preparation of IIT JEE, Engineering examination and Inventors Genome is established for NEET. We provide best coaching classes for JEE Mains & JEE advance, NEET, AIIMS entrance exam by expert faculty. We offer foundation courses for the students moving from class 7 to class 8 for initial phase of preparation and aims at building story foundation for JEE( MAIN & ADVANCED), NEET & AIIMS Exams. We are recognised as a institute having proven faculty team of coaching industries.

We make students to realize their dream into reality by getting success into India's prestigious Engineering entrance exam IIT JEE & Medical entrance exam NEET-UG (AIPMT). We also provides coaching for +2 Board (CBSE & Bihar Intermediate Education Council) Exams preparation.


Best coaching for jee preparation
Our Vision

To provide such education to the students, which will give them success in physical, mental and social aspects of their life and they remain optimistic throughout their life.To provide such education to the students, which not only makes their parents proud but also the whole society and nation. Providing education that makes a student a better person/human-being.

best coaching for neet preration institue in patna
Our Mission

Building an education center in Patna where students across the nation receive the best teachers with the best management, leading each student to his / her victory.Creating an aura in which students will experience positivity and personal care, which will help students to excel in competitive exams, board exams, and achieve their career goals.

No.1 Coaching Institute for IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced)

Inventors Educare is the best Coaching Institute of IIT JEE preparation in Patna. We provide best the classes for JEE (Mains & Advance), NEET, AIIMS entrance exam by expert faculty. We have no1 set of faculties who produced most of the ranks of Bihar in JEE & Neet.

We are a premier designed institute and has gained a reputed place in the education sector by providing excellent education to students for the preparation of their IIT-JEE exam. We aim to help all the IIT-JEE aspirants who comes with a great dream of achieving their goals in the future. We were established with a vision to serve the nation with the latest technologies and best guidance for the best outcomes to create talented youths for the nation.

The excellent study material and teaching module emphasize students’ mindsets to let them pay full attention to their concepts. We promise to create the best-rated and expert engineers and students to serve the nation. We are ranked on top for giving guidance of IIT-JEE coachings in Patna. The training methodologies and adaptive teaching module help students to get through the entire syllabus with regular practice sessions.

Today we are considered as the best Coaching for IIT -JEE preparation and we are approached by the students and their parents. The extensive study material here is given with up to date trend.

best iit jee coaching in patna

INVENTORS Success Formula

inventors faculties

It isn't just the One-year effort of our faculties in Covid-19 lockdown that distinguishes Inventors; it's the scientific design of our courses that is customized to the need of every student. We present to you the unique 'Inventors Formula for Success' in JEE, NEET, KVPV,NTSE & Olympiads:

inventors faculties

The most important aspect of classroom training is the faculty. The strength of our faculty members is in their years of experience that helps them sense the tumultuous state of mind of JEE I NEET aspirants. Motivational skills that inspire students to do that extra bit which is the hallmark of a topper and a caring attitude that goes beyond success in an entrance examination.

inventors faculties

Our courses have been designed to produce maximum benefit for the student in minimum time. They include

inventors faculties

All the classroom courses have been broken up into modules. In a module, aspirants are trained in a certain set of lessons in each subject. At the end of each module, students are tested for their proficiency in the topics covered by a Module Test. A Module Test consists of1 day of testing on the current exam pattern.

inventors faculties

All the students are provided with study material which contains detailed theory of each lesson with appropriate illustrations and includes solved problems & brain teasers. Each lesson is broken into a certain number of sections. A student is required to study each section and then answer the proficiency test at the end of that section. Each lesson ends with Exercises.The Exercisesare divided into various levels for a systematic approach. Near the end of each module, students would be provided with Hints & Solutions to the Exercises. It is our assertion that students do not need any other book or source for learning theory or problem solving.

inventors faculties

Since a module may last for several weeks, periodic Tests are held in every 21 days in a module to provide a quick check on the student's understanding of those topics.

inventors faculties

The student's performance in a test is generally evaluated and result is provided within 5 days of test conduction. A Test Analysis Session is conducted which allows students to compare their true potential against their performance in the test. These sessions help them minimize their mistakes and attempt future tests more effectively. Result Sheets for Module Tests are provide on Inventors App within 10 days of the tests. These sheets contain the marks of the student along with the highest marks scored and percentile scores.

inventors faculties
I.MAT(Inventors Mock All-IndiaTest Series)

Since JEE I NEET is a national level exam, students are given full-syllabus tests of Inventors Mock All India Test Series (I.MAT), is a series of tests conducted several times before JEE I NEET, in different cities across India under simulated JEE I NEET conditions. Students get their percentile scores rating them against thousands of highly trained competitors across the country.

inventors faculties

Students often encounter doubts regarding theory or problems of the Study Material. To get these doubts cleared they often seek out their respective faculty members, who might be occupied in a class and may not be immediately accessible. As a solution to this problem, Inventors Education has pioneered the concept of SDCC, where, three faculty members (one for each subject) are available during the working hours of the institute on all working days for clearing doubts. In keeping with situational requirements, doubt removal classes are being conducted as a part of the classroom program.

inventors faculties

Success in JEE I NEET is not merely dependent on knowledge and skills acquired in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics I Biology. Students very easily lose motivation, especially in the preparation for a highly competitive exam like JEE I NEET. It should be borne in mind that almost all students face this problem, some time or the other. To boost their morale, to show them that success is achieved only by learning from repeated failures and that feeling low is normal, we conduct various seminars and workshops. These seminars have helped several such students to put in their best throughout their preparation. It needs mention that Inventors Education is the pioneer in conducting these uniquely designed workshops.



  • We present to you the unique 'Inventors Formulafor Success'in JEE, NEET, KVPV,NTSE & Olympiads
  • We boast of more than 40 such bright and talented professionals currently.
  • Our courses have been designed to produce maximum benefit for the student.
  • We provide free study material
  • The students are free to clarify their doubts from our faculty in the SDCC.
  • We conduct I.MAT(Inventors Mock All-India Test Series)
  • The student's performance in a test is generally evaluated and result is provided within 5 days oftest conduction.